Case Study: Back to School Pack

August 8th, 2018

ADM global invited the customer to Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai to demonstrate its capabilities and to discuss the project scoping and detail with the customer. Upon return to Australia, ADM Global was awarded the project and commenced project implementation and writing of S.O.P. This included the work flow process for the pick pack line which was mandatory, given we were building single back to school packs (compendium,pen,eraser,ruler,note pad) from bulk cargo from 5 different manufacturers.

Having established the “critical path”, we proceeded to build the key milestones and associated time frames thus enabling us to calculate the total number of days required to complete the project from factory to the customers door with the knowledge that this project must be both cost and time effective.

We were confident that we could surpass both quite comfortably and presented this to the customer who immediately put forward the first/trial program which we completed saving the customer approximately 25% in cost but more importantly reduced their total lead times by almost half.

Such was the confidence in our service, the customer cancelled all locally planned pick/pack projects and shifted these to origin, periodically visiting our facilities to gain comfort in our pick accuracy, labelling and kitting/co-packing quality, these visits/inspections ceased at the completion of the 3rd project and we moved on to complete 20 further projects for this customer –in the customers own words, “we did not think it would be this seamless”.


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