Case Study: Re-engineering Supply Chain Model

August 8th, 2018

This project required total engagement with and buy-in by the customer as it required an absolute shift in their thinking if they were to achieve something more tangible than just a percentage saving on their international freight and local clearance and delivery services.

The scope and breadth of this re-engineering involved teams from ADM, the customer, its parent company in Asia and our partner at origin working collaboratively and confidentially for almost 12 months before we executed and moved our customer to a lead logistics model which included closure of 5 of their owned and operated distribution centres in Australia, origin scan-pack to store (d.c by-pass),total visibility via integration of software between all parties and most importantly and impressively reduced lead times from 55 days into store to 25 and 28 days for Shenzhen and shanghai respectively.

ADM Global is extremely proud of what it was able to achieve and deliver to this customer as it certainly did deliver what was promised, something new, innovative but most importantly a quantum shift on what was set in concrete for many many years delivering real and tangible results for this long standing Australian retailer.


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