Shanghai COVID-19 Lockdown Update

Posted on May 23rd, 2022 in Popular Posts

Shanghai COVID-19 Lockdown Update

As you may be aware there have been ongoing issues in and around the COVID-19 outbreak in Shanghai and the resultant lockdown measures introduced by the Chinese government which has impacted severely on the population in Shanghai and contributed to huge delays in global supply of goods adding further to the already strained Global Supply Chain Crisis.

ADM Global is now providing a further and most recent update on the situation in Shanghai as per below:

Shanghai Situation

The Shanghai government plans to end a COVID-19 lockdown and return to a more normal life from 01 June 2022. Shanghai shall reopen in stages, with movement controls largely to remain in place until 21 May 2022 to prevent a rebound in infections before an easing.

During the 3 stages, even those residential areas which are designated for release, staff and workers cannot immediately go to the workplace due to limited public transportation in their specific regions between home and the workplace.

If there is no increase in numbers of positive cases and the risk of a rebound in infection is controlled, a full restoration to normal activities is latest, anticipated in mid-late Jun.

Warehouses in Waigaoqiao and Yangshan

Warehouses in the Yangshan region have resumed receipt of cargo, albeit it just a partial opening for inbound cargo and container loading with limited services.

Warehouses in the Waigaoqiao are similar to Yangshan with limited service however they have resumed receiving inbound cargo and container loading with limited service. Truckers must present several health records for warehouse entry, such as the green health code and body temperature measures, “COVID 19 travel e-permit” issued by Shanghai International Port (Group) Co, Ltd. as well as undergo nucleic acid tests by the security guard and janitors.

Overall, truckers must apply for warehouse entry online via appointment only, with 24 hours notice in advance of arrival.

Trucking Service

The Shanghai government has released permits to drivers strictly subject to filing essential information in EIRIMS system in advance including any of below test reports:

A 24hr nucleic test report with negative result.
A 48hr nucleic test report and 24hr antigen testing report
Trucking services are provided with restricted service, and are subject to permits from shippers, and booking must be secured and approved at least 10 days in advance due to the limited workforce.


Ningbo is the best alternative port for shipments originating from Shanghai. We are able to assist shippers in determining and arranging the best route to move cargo via alternate loading ports such as Ningbo.

In the meantime, should you have any further queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your assigned Customer Service Representative or Business Development Manager.

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