SOLAS Program for Verified Gross Mass of Shipping Containers

Posted on April 4th, 2016 in Notices
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Solas Program For Verified Gross Mass Of Shipping Containers

Dear Valued Client,

Please be advised as of the 01st July 2016 all countries party to the SOLAS, MARPOL and other international conventions listed with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) will be required to supply a declaration upon export to declare the gross mass of shipping containers.

The load port authority has jurisdiction over cargoes being loaded onto vessels, so with regard to verification of gross mass of shipping containers, AMSA is the designated authority for ensuring these measures are implemented for vessels being loaded globally.

Attached is a list of all countries in which this regulation will apply:
Members of the IMO.pdf

For Australia, the SOLAS provision for the shipper to ‘ensure that the gross mass of the units is in accordance with the gross mass declared in the cargo information provided to the master or the master’s representative (before loading cargo units on board a vessel)’ has been required under Marine Order 42 (Cargo stowage and securing) (MO 42) since at least the 2003 version of that order.

However, the requirement for ‘verification’ of the gross mass of a container will be implemented in a new version of MO 42, the details of which have now been made available for public comment. The draft order and other supporting documents can be freely accessed on the AMSA website under the Community link under the Consultation link Open Submissions – MO 42 (Cargo stowage and securing) 2014.

Declarations must be presented on shipper’s company letter head, confirming the weight of the container including the container tare weight. Attached is an example of such declaration, however each country may have their own format. Please confirm with your suppliers to ensure the correct format is completed.

Any container delivered to wharf without the correct declaration will be rejected and could face export delay. As this is a global initiative, please ensure your suppliers are aware of such procedures.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your account representative.

Yours faithfully,


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