The Australia – United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement

Posted on June 16th, 2023 in Popular Posts

The Australia – United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement commenced on 31st of May 2023 

The Australia UK Free Trade Agreement commenced on the 31st of May 2023. With no tariffs on over 99% of Australian/UK goods for imports and exports the AUKFTA is expected to deliver unprecedented benefits to Australian businesses.

Promising to deliver significant benefits to Australian importers/exporters, consumers, workers and more broadly Australia’s economy.
“The Australia-UK FTA represents one of the most comprehensive, innovative and ambitious free trade agreements concluded by Australia to date and strengthens an already close relationship between Australia and the UK” as commented by Prime Minister Albanese.

Documentation requirements
The Australia UK FTA will work very similarly to the Australia – United States FTA in regard to its documentation requirements when compared to other FTAs.
There is no requirement for a government issued Certificate of Origin. Rather, origin can be proven in two ways:

1. A Declaration of Origin (DOO) produced by a manufacturer, producer, or exporter; Or

2. An Importer’s knowledge that the good is originating in either the UK or Australia

Declaration of Origin
In respect of the Declaration of Origin:       
– There is no prescribed format
– It can be in electronic form
– It can be on an invoice or other commercial document
– It must meet the specified data requirements. This includes a specifically worded declaration, a description of the goods, the tariff classification of the goods and specify the rule of origin applicable

Tariff Outcomes

This FTA offers substantial benefits to both Australian and UK importers. In respect of UK imports into Australia, almost all UK goods will be duty free. 
The exceptions are goods subject to excise equivalent duties (fuel, tobacco, alcohol) and some steel products.
Australian exports to the UK have more mixed results. Some goods will have full duty reductions immediately on entry into force of the agreement.
For other products, the duty rates are phased down over time. There will also be some products that do not have any duty reductions.
Actions to take
As with any FTA, the key is to look into the details of the FTA and how it applies to your particular products.
As a starting point, determine whether you have any trade with the UK that is attracting duty. If there is, it is worth assessing whether those goods qualify for the FTA and the duty benefits can be achieved. 

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